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Project Operations Manager

Location : New York, NY
Job Type : Temp/Contract
Start Date : 04/25/2022
End Date : 04/25/2023
Hours : Full Time
Travel : No
Relocation : No

Job Description :


Position Summary

Government Agency


The Project Operations Manager plays a critical role in supporting the Community Reconstruction and Infrastructure (CR&I) program through the implementation and close -out of projects. Reporting to the Project Operations Deputy Director, the Project Operations Manager supports program compliance, reporting, financial management, and the development of automated solutions to improve operational efficiency. The Project Operations Manager will work closely with the Project Delivery and Policy staff within CR&I,  IT and other agency departments, to ensure compliant and on-time, on-budget completion of projects.


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:



o   Operational oversight and management of a portfolio of projects

o   Oversee execution of the Project and Subrecipient Close Out Process

o   Forecast upcoming work, establish regular goals, and report regularly on progress to the Operations Deputy Director. Raise issues, concerns, and updates as needed

o   Perform other duties as requested


       Program-wide tracking, data maintenance and reporting:

o   Maintain and update all program status trackers as determined by the Operations Director and Deputy Director

o   Attend regular report-outs on project and close-out coordination, both internally among the Operations Department and in collaboration with other CR&I teams as needed

o   Ensure all Closeout data points are updated and reflect in the Program Dashboard, following checklist execution

o   Ensure Closeout documentation is properly accounted for on The Portal


       Project Closeout/Cancellation/Subrecipient Switch

o   Conduct Closeout Pre-Checks including:

§  Vendor closeout coordination with Project Managers and Final MWBE Utilization Plans

§  Final Portal Audit review

§  Financial Reconciliation

§  Elation Remediation


       Manage the Project Closeout/Cancellation/Subrecipient Switch process, including tracking routing on SharePoint of Closeout checklist for approvals from agency signatory departments; follow-up with departments to address any issues that arise

o   Download and compile all sections of the Project Closeout Checklist when complete and submit for upload to the Portal

o   Work with Program Assistants, Project Delivery, and Finance to approve final invoices

and send close out letters, and actualize all closeout Dashboard milestones

o   Complete Addenda when needed


       Subrecipient Closeout

o   Manage the Subrecipient Closeout workflow, including the following:

§  Verify all project closeout checklists have been completed

§  Perform Sub Recipient-specific closeout Portal audit of all projects under Sub Recipient and Sub Recipient-level files

§  Confirm reconciliation of all project-level Financial Management Trackers

§  Coordinate with Project Managers to gather any outstanding information from the Sub Recipient

§  Submit and track routing of Closeout checklist for approvals from Monitoring & Compliance, Legal, and Finance; follow-up with departments as needed and address any issues that arise


§  Download and compile all sections of Sub Recipient closeout Checklist when complete and submit to upload for the portal

§  Work with Program Assistants to send Subrecipient close out letters and actualize any closeout dashboard milestones


       Non-Closeout Project Portfolio Management

o   Proactively identify and mitigate challenges or barriers to closeout

o   Ongoing Elation Management

§  Train subrecipient and vendors on Elation

§  Troubleshoot Elation-related issues with Sub Recipients and vendors

§  Create and update projects in Elation

o   Compliance

§  Quarterly outreach to Subrecipients and vendors to maintain up-to-date reporting and compliance

§  Conduct routine elation remediation to ensure accuracy of submitted reports

o   Invoice Review:

§  Complete Level 3 Review of project invoices, checking for correct DRGR code and budget control columns on the Financial Management Tracker, and current reporting

§  Coordinate with Senior Data Analyst to reroute invoices when needed

§  Identification and communication of invoice discrepancies or challenges with Operations Deputy Directors and Project team

o   Financial Tracking:

§  Routine maintenance of FMTs: Quality Control and enter execution date for Contract Amendments/Change Orders, Sub Recipient Agreement/Work Order amendments, and enter new contracts or funding sources onto working Financial Management Trackers


o    Complete portal audits at designated intervals (A/E Design Start, Contract Consent, Start of Project Closeout, and every 3 months while project is in Construction)




Required Qualifications :



•       Bachelor’s Degree; advanced degree preferable


•       Minimum of two (2) years of work experience in creation, reporting, and/or management of data or closely related tasks

•       Must have technical writing, presentation development, and research skills


•       One (1) to four (4) years of combined experience in a defined field of expertise (e.g., Grant Management, Program Management, CDBG or other Disaster Recovery expertise business process re-engineering) preferred


•       Highly proficient in MS Office: Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Outlook


•       Exceptional communication, organizational skills, and attention to detail


•       Excellent report writing, analytical, editing, and proofreading skills


•       Ability to handle multiple and sometimes changing, tasks in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment

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