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Registered Nurse

Location : Ogdensburg, NY
Job Type : Temp/Contract
Reference Code : AS:FY2122:OMH01:9476
Start Date : 07/01/2021
End Date : 12/31/2021
Hours : Full Time
Travel : No
Relocation : No

Job Description :

Expected Duties:


*Monitor time and attendance of subordinates and address problems, as necessary.  Ensure staff job duties reflect facility goals and department objectives.

*Demonstrate positive interactions with the public, patients, families, and staff to ensure a positive reflection of the facility.

*Prepare, administer, and evaluate the effectiveness of prescription drugs.  Instruct patient about expected actions and adverse effects of medication. Provide information and materials to educate patients about medications. Use two patient identifiers prior to medication administration.  Document medication administration appropriately.  Encourage medication compliance. 

*Be knowledgeable of interventions to minimize the acquisition and transmission of infectious agents.

*Identify patients at risk for lowered immune status and monitor closely.  Consider infection in causes of altered mental status or unsteady gait.

*Instruct in proper handwashing procedures.

*Ensure that immunization status is up to date.

*Facilitate family participation in the emotional and physical care of the patient.  Provide information to family members about a patient in accordance with patient preferences.  Recognize the physical, mental, and social abilities of the patient and family.  Encourage open communication with family, but respect patient's right to limit family contact.

*Act as a positive, appropriate role model.

*Utilize least restrictive mechanism to protect the safety and ensure that staff follows applicable policies during restraint episodes.  Assess and consider present/history of trauma or abuse.  Respect a child's privacy and fear of embarrassment, perform interventions away from peers. Support and promote a safe environment for all.  Ensure staff is providing a protective environment with close surveillance for safety and following facility policies.  Utilize the least restrictive mechanism to protect the safety of patients and staff.

*Institute precautions with patients identified as at risk for falls.  Consider the presence of an underlying medical condition.

*Provide patient assistance in activities of daily living.  Promote self-care; ensure proper nutrition, activity level, and rest.  Use consistent repetition of health routines as a means of establishing them.  Promote health and safe habits.

*Recognize the potential for a decrease in physical abilities and plan activities with older patients, due to decreased energy.

*Successfully complete facility mandated training.

*Understand the proper use of medical equipment.

*Understand the need for efficiency with electronic data.  Be knowledgeable of the computerized record.

Required Qualifications :
NYS Registered Nurse license required.
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